JOSEPH ZAMPARELLI, JR.  ...Commercial Work On Camera

6ft. 210 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown

photo by Jito Lee

The Judge Mercedes Benz
The Flying Biker


Picture Park Productions
The Director
Picture Park Productions
Big Hungry Trucker
Bill Tracey Productions

Dinner Guest

Healing (PSA-9/11 Attacks)

Food Network/BR Creative Group

Living History Characters

Boston by Sea

WFXT Fox-25 

Hardware Store Owner

Laconia Bank

Picture Park Productions

Office Gossip

Inside the Box (PSA-Hearing Impaired)

TRG Productions

Investigator Mike Ferris

Hidden Agenda

CrewStar Productions

Balloon Man / Joseph Hanneran Do No Harm

Fred Inc.

Thrilled Patron Spooky World Boneyard Productions
Cabbie Electric Car Interactive Promotional Chedd-Angier Productions, MA
Car Driver KIA Car Co., The Chase (Banned UK) FilmZone Productions, L.A.
Luncheon Date Old Spice, The Art Gallery MacGuffin Films, Ltd., NYC
Investment Broker Beneficial Financial Services,The Loan Rapp, Collins, Marcoa, NYC
Condominium Owner Pine Hollow Condominiums DaVinci Productions, NH
Weekend Fisherman The Sonic Lure WFLX Ch. 29, Palm Beach, FL
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